group huddle on the field

About Camp:
Where anything becomes possible

This is the sports experience where anything becomes possible. Join a lineup of Phillies Legends–like John Kruk, Mickey Morandini, Greg Luzinski, Tommy Greene, Mike Lieberthal, Milt Thompson and so many more–for coaching, camaraderie and baseball like you have never played it before.

Your experience begins at The Carpenter Complex and Spectrum Field in Clearwater, Florida; and returns to Philadelphia for events throughout the baseball season. You and your teammates will learn from the best while participating in major league-style drills, practices and games. Take the field in your own personalized Phillies uniform and compete against the Legends at Spectrum Field, the Phillies Spring Training ballpark. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show your major league stuff to baseball legends.


There are three different ways to attend the Phillies Phantasy Camp:

As a PLAYER (For Men & Women, Ages 30+)
As a GENERAL MANAGER (For Men & Women, Ages 30+)
As a PHAN and cheer on a Player! (For Men & Women, Ages 21+)

All three experiences create memories that last a lifetime!

The Perfect Gift

The Phillies Phantasy Camp makes the perfect gift, and we can arrange for a memorable surprise gift presentation. Great gift for:

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Father's Day
  • Special Occasion
  • Milestone
  • Promotion
  • Thank You
  • Or just for you, because you deserve it!

Opening Day of Camp

The year kicks off with the Florida Experience

Carpenter Complex
Clearwater Beach, FL
January 18 – 22, 2022

A Dream

The one where the sun is beating down on your head, and the sweat that has escaped from under your helmet is trickling over the neck of your red-and-whites.

“Yeah,” you think to yourself. “This is good sun. This is good sweat.”

The smells of the natural turf, the leather of your batting glove, and the dust kicked up by the catcher’s cleats fill your nostrils as you squint past the sun to the pitcher’s mound.

There he is out there, your nemesis, Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams.

Keep it cool, guy, cool.

You know you only have to get on base. Load ‘em up.

Sure, a RBI would be nice, but if you just get on base, your teammates will bring you all home for the go-ahead. You cast a glance back at the dugout. There they are, your teammates, cheering you on.

You throw your eyes down the line and your coach, Greg “The Bull” Luzinski, is running through the signs…the green light!

Now it’s decision time. Do you line one over the head of Mariano Duncan, drag one towards the Krukker, or do you tattoo one in the gap, sending Jim “Eisy” Eisenreich on his horse?

But enough woolgathering!
You’ve got a base hit to make.
Dig in and stare Williams down.
Feel the sun. Stare him down.
Smell the grass. Stare him down.
Feel your heart thundering in your chest. Stare him down.
Feel... smell...
Hear the crack of the baseball leather against your bat!
Hear the cheers!

This is your dream... This is your game...

Live it today!

Live the Dream.